21 places to get healthy fast food in Toronto

Jan 3 2018, 6:30 pm

New year, same crazy schedule.

But just because you’re short on time, doesn’t mean you can’t grab delicious, healthy food at affordable prices. Toronto has many convenient over-the-counter options for those who aren’t willing to sacrifice good nutrition to stay on schedule.

Here are 21 Toronto spots where you can get healthy fast food.

Aroma Espresso Bar


Aroma Canada/Facebook

Healthy and hearty standouts on the Mediterranean-inspired menu from this prolific coffee chain include fresh salads, power breakfasts, and smoothies that can be ordered up alongside espresso-based drinks.

Address: 500 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-536-7750

Address: 1110 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-792-7662

Address: 562 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-792-7760

Address: 535 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-603-2727

Address: 250 King Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-365-7662

Address: 2300 Yonge Street UC1, Toronto
Phone: 416-987-7288

Address: 430 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-5430

Address:  88 Queens Quay West, Toronto
Phone: 647-347-8300

Address: 120 Lynn Williams Street #101, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-7700

Address: 540 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-5859

Address: 661 University Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-951-1000

Address: 383 Spadina Road, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-5874

Address: 121 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-362-7662

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B Good

b.good Canada/Facebook

Classic fast food staples (think burgers, salads, etc.) made with a healthy, local and seasonal twist is what B Good is all about. The thriving chain of restaurants was created by two best friends–Anthony and Jon–who wanted to create ‘real’ fast food without the fryer.

Address: 573 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-703-7325

Address:  100 Front Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-363-4663

Address: 10 King Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-504-4775

Address: 75 Eglinton Avenue East, Toronto
Phone: 416-322-6469

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Bolt Fresh Bar

Bolt Fresh Bar/Facebook

Located on Queen West, the pastel green exterior at Bolt Fresh Bar is hard to miss! While their delicious smoothies are the main reason to visit this colourful space, they also have a good selection of salads, grain bowls, and açaí parfaits.

Address: 1170 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-588-8103

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Farm’r Eatery & Catering

Farm'r Eatery & Catering/Facebook

Farm’r Eatery & Catering/Facebook

Affordable, healthy food, made-from-scratch with only the fresh local ingredients is what this St. Lawrence Market area eatery is all about. Here, mix and match proteins, salads, and sides are all ready to go in an instant.

Address: 140A The Esplanade, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-8676

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Flock Rotisserie + Greens 



New locations opened in 2017 bring this ever-expanding flock of restaurants up to five locations in Toronto. Here, the menu deals in chicken and greens, making it easier than ever to get a healthy fix that also tastes delicious.

Address: 330 Adelaide Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-483-5625

Address: 97 Harbord Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-7199

Address: 67 Richmond Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-368-6767

Address: 175 Bloor Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-925-4646

Address: 661 University Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-340-7575

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Fast Fresh Foods

healthy toronto fast food salad


Fast Fresh Foods makes healthy eating fun with a customizable menu of salads and sandwiches offering 100s of different variations. With eight locations throughout the city, it’s easy to see why locals love this place.

Address: 199 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-603-7374

Address: 220 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-901-2165

Address: 79 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-916-4742

Address: 145 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-603-7374

Address: 120 Adelaide Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-703-7332

Address: 660 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-603-7374

Address: 88 Queens Quay West, Toronto
Phone: 416-603-7374

Address: 100 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-346-2003

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The Fix + Co. 

salad healthy take out


Serving up gluten-free, vegan options and yummy cold-pressed juices, The Fix + Co is located in Long Branch but delivers to the GTA and downtown Toronto. Looking to do a juice cleanse? This place will hook you up with everything you need delivered right to your door.

Address: 1 Thirteenth Street, Etobicoke
Phone: 416-259-7525

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With 16 locations scattered around the city, making healthy choices is easy with Freshii. This place is all about simple and clean eating and the menu is packed with fresh veggies in the form of bowls, salads, and burritos.

Address: 85 Hanna Avenue Unit #104a, Toronto
Phone: 416- 516-0100

Address: 700 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-349-3891

Address: 140 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-203-8456

Address: 120 Bremner Boulevard, Toronto
Phone: 647-351-1010

Address: 92 King Street East Unit #118, Toronto
Phone: (647) 344-5017

Address: 220 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-598-4441

Address: 23 College Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-497-7590

Address: 56 Wellesley Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-484-8548

Address: 77 Wellesley Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-350-7797

Address: 1250 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-921-2300

Address: 1055 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-350-2001

Address: 1560 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-944-2300

Address: 446 Spadina Road, Toronto
Phone: 416-488-0222

Address: 1970 Saint Clair Avenue West, Toronto
Phone: 437-317-1404

Address: 3074 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-8600

Address: 2417 Yonge St, Toronto
Phone: 647-794-4595

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Garden Gangsters

Garden Gangsters


Formerly, Evolution Food Co. this eatery evolved into Garden Gangsters in 2017 and now boasts two locations in the St. Lawrence Market area as well as in Liberty Village. On the menu, cold-pressed juices, smoothies, and a range of hearty breakfast, grain, and salad bowls are packed with a medley of wholesome and filling ingredients.

Address: 12 Market Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-214-1234

Address: 171 East Liberty Street Unit 127A, Toronto
Phone: 416-535-0545


The Grow-Op

The Grow Op/Facebook

Way more wholesome than its name implies, this quick-service spot on Ossington offers and exclusively vegetarian menu dealing in smoothies, salads and sandwiches–you won’t even miss the meat with choices like homemade cashew cheese, and house marinated chickpea tempeh.

Address: 222 Ossington Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-532-9999


The Goods

healthy grain bowl salad

The Goods/Facebook

A plant-based menu of salads, bowls, soups, and smoothies are the menu at this DuWest take-out spot owned and operated by Lisa Labute. The Goods has been around since 2012 offering a healthy dose of quick nutritious lunch options.

Address: 1255 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-340-4663

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Sweat & Soda

Sweet & Soda/Facebook

With lots of great takeout options in the form of bowls, salads, and sandwiches, staying on track is simple when eating at Sweet & Soda. Located in Leslieville, instead of beer, this place has cold brew coffee and kombucha on tap!

Address: 1091 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-3335


Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co.

Greenhouse Juice Co./Facebook

Another healthy option with multiple locations around Toronto is the Greenhouse Juice Co. Specializing in plant-based goodness! On the menu, cold-pressed juices and handmade nut milk will have you coming back time and time again!

Address: 740 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-748-5512

Address: 420 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-548-9879

Address: 199 Bay Street C144, Toronto
Phone: 647-350-5513

Address: 100 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-343-4078

Address: 176 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-365-3130

Address: 57 Yorkville Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-925-0583

Address: 5 Macpherson Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-546-1719

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Along with its original spot at King Street West, Hopscotch is quickly expanding with a newly opened location on Queen West and more GTA locations planned for 2018. Using only fresh, locally-sourced ingredients, a few must-try dishes include the Mediterranean harvest bowl, sweet potato zen bowl, and avocado cobber salad.

Address: 40 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-792-5588

Address: 224 Queen Street West, Toronto
Phone: TBA

Coming soon to 115 Fort York Boulevard in Toronto and 1 Bass Pro Mills Drive in Vaughan.

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 IQ Food Co.

iQ Food Co./Facebook

iQ Food Co./Facebook

You’ll never grow tired of healthy food options at iQ Food Co. with a menu that changes seasonally. Regardless of the season, you can expect lots of nutrient-rich options such as smoothies, soups, toasts, boxes, and bites.

Address: 100 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-7792

Address: 18 York Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-340-6892

Address: 181 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-346-0792

Address: 100 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 647-342-2260


Impact Kitchen

Impact Kitchen

Impact Kitchen/Facebook

Vegans, vegetarians, protein-seekers, and paleo eaters can all dine together at this Corktown cafeteria that doesn’t count calories, but rather makes calories count! Expect a a lineup trailing out the front door some days, breakfasts, power bowls, bone broth, and smoothies have earned this place a loyal following.

Address: 573 King Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-306-1986

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Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim

Kupfert & Kim/Facebook

With fresh produce, healthy from-scratch recipes, homemade sauces, pickles, and curries–this local chain prominently found in The PATH will have your mouth-watering. Popular items from the plant-based eatery include the green crowd-pleaser, oaxaca bowl, and the K&K paleo bowl.

Address: 100 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-504-1233

Address: 140 Spadina Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-504-2206

Address: 181 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-601-1333

Address: 20 Bay Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-360-5555

Address: 200 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-340-7445

Address: 150 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-260-7777

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This plant-based cafe is known for making their own cashew, almond and coconut milk from scratch. If that doesn’t impress you, try delicious options including salads, soups, pink chia bowls and toasts topped with avocado or hazelnut spread.

Address: 1240 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-519-2700

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Located in The PATH, this new juice and smoothie bar is 100% organic. On top of smoothies, this place also serves yummy acai bowls, high-protein waffles, salads from Village Juicery, and a line-up of espresso-based drinks.

Address: 120 Adelaide Street West, R3, Toronto
Phone: 416-364-5083


Palm Lane

Palm Lane/Facebook

Palm Lane/Facebook

Palm Lane will actually have you craving salads in 2018! Opened this past fall in Yorkdale Village, this spot has quickly become a Toronto favourite. Fast, fresh options are in abundance on the menu featuring salads and grain bowls that can be custom-made with over 80 different options.

Address: 55 Avenue Road, Upper Level, Toronto
Phone: 416-348-7000

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Salus Fresh Foods Inc.

Salus Fresh Foods

Salus Fresh Foods/Facebook

Named after Salus the Roman Goddess of health and well-being, this place takes pride in living up to its name with plenty of fresh, healthy dishes to choose from. From vegan and vegetarian options to grilled meats with greens, Salus Fresh Foods specializes in salads, wraps, and smoothies.

Address: 25 Carlton Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-593-1515

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