Where to eat Hawaiian (AKA pineapple) pizza in Toronto

Feb 25 2017, 9:18 am

Pineapple on pizza. It’s a contentious topic in some circles.

And while our Prime Minister plays nice with the new US president, he’s starting wars with Iceland. He even went so far as to publicly defended the Canadian-born classic on Twitter.

Still not convinced? These are some of the finest pineapple-topped pies in Toronto. They might pretend to be Hawaiian but we all know this pizza is true Ontario original.

Tropic Thunder from Maker Pizza

Chili infused pineapple adds a sweet and spicy hit to this sesame crust topped to max capacity with a jalapeños, red onion, a trio of cheeses, red sauce, roasted garlic, red chilies, Thai basil salsa verde, and cumin seed oil.

Address: 59 Cameron Street, Toronto
Instagram: @makerpizza

Chicago-style with Pineapple Double D’s

Deep dish crusts at least three fingers high can be customized with any number of toppings. These saucy pies stay true to the Chicago-style with optional pineapple add-ins to appease the locals.

Address: 1020 Gerrard Street East, Toronto
Instagram: @doubleds_to

Thanks, Obama! from Village Pizza

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In a nod to the former President’s Hawaiian heritage (I guess?), this signature pizza features savoury slices of BBQ Spam and a sweet pineapple with tomato sauce, Mozza and Parm.

Address: 759 Dovercourt Road, Toronto; 761 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Instagram: @villagepizza.to

Proving that it’s possible to get a little fancy with pineapple on pizza, this brewpub tops it’s ‘za with the tropical fruit plus caramelized onions, fior di latte, tomato sauce, cilantro, chilies.

Address: 2876 Dundas Street West, Toronto
Instagram: @indiealehouse

Aloha Smoke from True True

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On King East the long stretched pizzas feature the classic pairing with a twist. Smoked bacon and pineapple salsa get spiked with crushed chilies and fresh cilantro over a tomatoe and cheese base.

Address: 169 King Street East, Toronto
Instagram: @eattruetrue

Pizza Night specials from Home of the Brave

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Not pineapple, but perhaps just as blasphemous… Chef NateTasty has made it a habit to apply fresh mango to the occasional deep dish special.

Instagram: @thehotb

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