Justin Trudeau just revealed his love for Hawaiian pizza

Feb 24 2017, 10:40 pm

Not only does Justin Trudeau have a great ass, he also has fantastic taste in pizza.

Today the Prime Minister revealed in a tweet that he loves pineapple pizza, and he doesn’t care who knows it.

That’s right, Trudeau is 100%, unquestionably on #Teampineapple – whatever that is.

The groundbreaking question was asked by Jon Wiseman, a Queen’s University student who had previously tweeted that the best kind of pizza was simply plain pepperoni.

When Wiseman posed the question to the Prime Minister about the fruit-topped variety of ‘za via Twitter, he would soon eat his words faster than Trudeau would eat a slice of ham-and-pineapple covered dough after a long cabinet meeting.

Considering credit for the creation of Hawaiian pizza goes to Canadian Sam Panopoulos from London, Ontario, we aren’t shocked the Prime Minister stood by this symbol of national cuisine.

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