Inside Harry's Charbroiled Dining Lounge: Grant Van Gameren's divey new diner in Parkdale

Oct 17 2016, 8:23 pm

Parkdale can stop mourning the loss of Harry’s Charbroiled Dining Lounge.

When it closed back in August after 48 years as a neighbourhood institution it was taken over by acclaimed Toronto restaurateurs, Grant Van Gameren, Robin Goodfellow and Mykl Webster (best known for restaurants including Bar Isabel, Bar Ravel, and El Rey).

Newly reopened with Nate Young at its helm, the greasy spoon is intent on carrying on the old school diner tradition with just a few modest upgrades that shouldn’t scare off the pre-existing customer base.

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The interior, mostly untouched (save for a few new posters and working Christmas lights) maintains its aged patina. The booths, the bottle cap tiled tables and short-order kitchen are all original.

Harrys Toronto

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The menu has been edited down though quintessential diner dishes are still the main draw. And it’s cheap too!

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Breakfast served daily from 10 am to 4 pm includes Harry’s Usual ($7) featuring a pair of eggs with a choice of bacon, ham or sausage patties with homefries and toast. Meanwhile, $10 (taxes-in) can also buy a cheese omelet ($8) or breakfast burger topped with chorizo, green tomato and a fried egg ($10).

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Avocado toast ($6) is perhaps the daintiest addition. Sliced and spread over sourdough toast, it comes topped with pickled onions and jalapenos and with a hard-boiled egg on the side.

Steak and Eggs for $14 could be considered a splurge.

Corned Beef Hash for $12 is well worth it. The combo of potatoes onions and peppers are nicely caramelized then topped with a slab of smoked meat and finished with a sunny egg.

Lunch and dinner kick off at noon daily and are available right up until last call.

Burgers ($10), a chicken club ($12.50) and grilled cheese with ham ($5) are available to accompany a selection of domestic bottles like Stock Ale and Labatt 50 ($6) and classic cocktails ($9) such as Whisky Sours, Martinis, and Negronis.

Harrys Toronto

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Harry’s Charbroiled Dining Lounge

Address: 160 Springhurst Ave, Toronto
Phone: 416-532-2908
Instagram: @harryscharbroiled

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