13 hilarious Guinness World Records records set at 2018 Toronto Waterfront Marathon

Oct 22 2018, 5:18 pm

Kenya’s Benson Kipruto crossed the finish line first at the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Marathon, but he wasn’t the only winner on Sunday.

Competing in his first marathon, Black Creek, BC’s Cam Levins broke a 43-year-old Canadian men’s record, running the 42.2-kilometre race in a time of 2:09:25 – two minutes and one second behind Kipruto.

There were also 13 other, more hilarious records set.

With Guinness World Records officials on hand, new marks were set in a few I-can’t-believe-that’s-something-people-track categories.

Halifax’s Michael-Lucien Bergeron is the new record holder for fastest half-marathon while juggling three objects.

Yoshi (her real name is Jean Oh) ran the fastest half-marathon dressed as a video game character.

You could say the crappiest record set was by Brad Vincent, who ran the fastest half-marathon dressed as an emoji.

No woman has ever ran a half-marathon faster than Julie Hills while pushing two double prams (that’s four children).

Calgary’s Blaine Penny set a new record for the fastest man to run a marathon dressed as a battery, completing the race in 2:59:58.

Chef Daniel Janetos is the fastest man to run a half-marathon dressed as a chef.

Other records broken include:

  • Evan Latsky: He’s fastest man to run a half marathon dressed in full hockey gear (minus the skates, though he did carry a hockey stick).
  • Petro and Andy Czupiel: These brothers ran the fastest half-marathon in a two-person costume, dressed as Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble in the Flintstone car.
  • Pamela Bottos: Dressed as Lucille Ball, she’s the fastest woman to run a half marathon dressed as a television character.
  • Victor Freve-Boucher and Freud Fortier-Chouinard: Fastest marathon by two people handcuffed to each other.
  • Kyle Pastor, Marco Pelayo, David Duarte, and Christopher Hoeppler: Fastest half-marathon by four people handcuffed together.
  • Bridget Burns: Fastest half-marathon dressed as a zookeeper.
  • Robert Winckler: Fastest half-marathon while carrying a set of golf clubs.
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