You can buy an entire Greyhound Canada bus at upcoming Toronto auction

Nov 18 2021, 5:07 pm

Greyhound Canada may have ceased all of their operations earlier this year, but that doesn’t necessarily mean their busses will be off the road for good.

Toronto-based auction house Corporate Assets Inc. is auctioning off 38 Greyhound Canada passenger buses in just a matter of weeks. The motor coaches, which can fit up to 55 people, will be auctioned off on January 18, 2022, at 10:30 am.

Although purchasing an entire fleet of buses seems like it would be in the interest of a large business or a transportation company, the auction is open to anyone who wants to take home one of the motor coaches.

According to the listing, not all of the buses going up for sale are the same. Although they all have 12-speed transmissions, diesel engines, and onboard bathrooms, depending on the bus, they may also come with leather seats and built-in TV screens. Five of the buses coming up for auction are even equipped with wheelchair lifts.

Greyhound announced the closure of their Canadian operations in May after more than 90 years of service. Greyhound said the decision was due to declining ridership in Quebec and Ontario, leading to the implementation of cost-cutting measures. Greyhound service between Canada and the US recently returned as the border opened earlier this month with daily trips out of Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal.

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