Schmaltz Appetizing officially replaced by new Ossington taco joint

Nov 4 2019, 8:12 am

It feels like just yesterday that a sign posted on the door of Ossington’s iconic Schmaltz Appetizing shared word that the spot was soon to close.

Since then, Chef Anthony Rose has swapped out bagels for tortillas, as Gordy Smiles opens its doors.

Taking over the corner space at 224 Ossington Avenue, the new eatery is “like a Taco joint, but better,” according to the post announcing its arrival.

Gordy Smiles / Instagram

Menu options include a long list of tacos, burritos, soups, sweets, and booze.

Dishes range from $4 to $8, with tequila and mezcal choices ranging from “cheap” to “less cheap” to “not cheap.”

Gordy Smiles / Instagram

The new spot is open from 4 pm to 11 pm from Sunday to Thursday, and 4 pm to 2 am on Friday and Saturdays.

So the next time you’re zipping along the Ossington Strip, stop in here and have a look at what they’ve done with the space. Because while there are no bagels on the menu, what is available looks pretty stellar.

Gordy Smiles / Instagram

Gordy Smiles

Address: 224 Ossington Avenue