You can now get unlimited rides on GO Transit all weekend long for $15

Jul 6 2021, 6:26 pm

In a move to incentivize riders to return, GO Transit is now offering a cash-saving weekend deal.

Metrolinx announced the rollout of two new weekend passes that will allow unlimited bus or train rides on weekends and holidays. There’s a one-day pass priced at $10 and a two-day pass for $15. The two-day pass includes Saturday, Sunday, and any additional holiday day, if applicable.

“It’s been a while since many of us have gotten back to using GO Transit to travel across the region, especially during weekends,” the Metrolinx announcement reads. “But now, as Ontario begins to leave the pandemic behind to venture out again, Metrolinx is offering Weekend Passes to help customers save money and rediscover the region.”

The passes, which come into effect July 10, are only available online. They cannot be bought in person or with PRESTO. Once purchased, they’ll be emailed to the customer, who will then have to activate the pass on their smartphone five minutes prior to boarding.

But once bought, riders can go anywhere on the GO network, including the popular route from Toronto to Niagara, getting off and on as many times as they’d like.

“Riders can explore favourite destinations across the entire GO network in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton area on a weekend with one flat fare,” the Metrolinx announcement reads. “A full Weekend Pass allows for a weekend getaway without the burden of overnight parking at your favourite destination.”

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