Further shutdowns are possible as COVID-19 cases surge in Ontario: Ford

Sep 14 2020, 10:53 am

Premier Doug Ford said that further shutdowns are possible as COVID-19 cases in Ontario continue to increase on a daily basis.

“We all know the second wave of this virus is coming… The only question is how bad is it coming,” Ford said during the press conference on Monday.

Earlier on Monday, the province reported 313 cases, the highest numbers since early June, which Ford said is cause for concern and, if needed, further shutdowns are possible. 

“We’re gonna hit some bumps, but we’re ready for it,” Ford said.

He added that shutdowns will need to be looked at regionally, especially for the hotspots of Toronto, Ottawa and Peel.

Ford once again mentioned that the increase in cases is coming from social gatherings and not necessarily from bars or restaurants.

“I’m begging you, just cut out the social gatherings. It’s ramping up again, and we just can’t have the social gatherings,” he said. “And it’s just a small percentage that are getting lax in the protocols and guidelines, but it’s coming back to bite us.”

Health Minister Christine Elliot echoed Ford’s sentiment saying that “wave two is coming” and is asking for the 14.5 million people in Ontario “to please continue to follow the public health guidance.”

She added that a fall plan for the second wave will be revealed in the coming days.

On Monday, the Ontario government also returned to the legislature.

According to the province, the government’s fall legislative agenda will build on the work undertaken over the summer, focusing on the economy and healthcare system.

Ford noted that the province is better prepared for the second than first wave, with more PPE being manufactured in the province and better healthcare capacity for a surge of expected cases.

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