Environment Canada: Toronto expected to shatter temperature record tomorrow

Feb 21 2017, 2:04 pm

Last Friday, we told you that every day this week was expected to be above 0°C in Toronto.

What we didn’t know then was just how far above 0°C some of the days would be – including tomorrow, February 22. In fact, despite their claim yesterday that it would reach 12°C tomorrow, Environment Canada is now currently forecasting that tomorrow’s high in Toronto will be a record-breaking 17°C.

That’s summer day weather right there.

According to Environment Canada, the warmest February 22 in Toronto (since 1938) was in 1981 when the temperature reached 11.8°C. Meanwhile, the coldest February 22 in Toronto took place in 1963 when the thermometer hit a chilling -20.0°C. That means if tomorrow reaches 17°C it will be warmest it’s been in the city since data began being collected 79 years ago. 

And while Thursday is expected to reach a lovely 12°C, the record for February 23 in Toronto is actually 14.9°C, having warmed up to that degree way back in 1984.

Either way, we’ll take the sun over the snow any every day of the week.

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