Another Toronto demonstration is planned at the US Consulate this Saturday

Jan 30 2017, 5:14 pm

Monday morning’s planned demonstration at the doorstep of U.S Consulate General’s office in Toronto hasn’t even dispersed yet, and already there is another protest planned for this Saturday.

On Facebook, the event National Days of Action against Islamophobia and White Supremacy already has attracted 5,500 interested attendees and makes a call to action for demonstrations happening in cities Canada-wide.

Per the Facebook event page,

The war waged against Muslims and refugees worldwide has reached its boiling point with Trump’s Presidency. These xenophobic anti-Black, Islamophobic, anti-refugee racist and sexist policies are going in effect. Walls and Muslim bans and Refugee bans on stolen Indigenous lands.

Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Libya and Yemen. The geographies of our birth place that put targets on our heads. Families separated, refugees, asylum seekers and immigrants deported and detained, trapped in between borders or taken back – our communities are being terrorized by white supremacist violence and domination. Our movement is controlled and dictated by racist white nationalism, our lives are devastated in constant fear. We flee war, persecution, mass poverty in search for life – instead we get a fatal sentence for our faith.

Enough is Enough.

Unlike today’s protest condemning the Muslim Ban enacted by US President Trump, this demonstration has some very specific demands for the Canadian government which are as follows,

  1. Canada revoke the Safe Third Country Agreement which bars refugee claimants entering from the United States over land to claims asylum in Canada.
  2. That temporary resident permits be issued to anyone being turned away from the US. Immediately open the Canada-USA border to all migrants from the USA into Canada.
  3. Eliminating The Designated Country of Origin list which makes it almost impossible for refugees from the United States to claim asylum in Canada.
  4. That Canada create a regularization program so that all undocumented residents here can live freely rather than face mass deportation. That all migrant workers in Canada be given permanent status, and open work permits.
  5. The equivalent to Sanctuary Cities in Canada would be Sanctuary Provinces. Demand that all provinces become Sanctuaries.
  6. The end of specific federal legislation in Canada that attacks Muslims, including the Barbaric Cultural Practices Act, Bill C-51, and Security Certificate policies.
  7. That the system of indefinite immigration detention be overturned. That the Canadian government make an immediate, public condemnation of the executive order by President Trump that bans Muslims from entering the US.

National Days of Action against Islamophobia and White Supremacy

When: Saturday, February 4, 12:30 pm
Where: US Consulate Toronto, 360 University Avenue, Toronto, Ontario

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