Dramatic dashcam footage shows vehicle crashing into pole outside house (VIDEO)

Dec 18 2019, 8:25 pm

Winter weather calls for extra care when driving, and Wednesday morning’s on-and-off snow squalls are no exception.

York Regional Police took to Twitter to really drive that message home, sharing footage of a GTA car crash caught on dashcam that may have been influenced by the weather.

“On a snowy day like today, where we are asking drivers to be extra careful, thought we’d share this video where the driver hit the gas petal instead of the brake,” reads the posting alongside the video, which shows a vehicle speed through an intersection and hit a pole on a house’s front lawn.

“Thankfully no one was injured.”

In addition to highlighting the dramatic occurrence in the video, one person was quick to point out another dangerous incident that was caught on the tape.

“That the accident occurred is bad but what about the black SUV running the red at the beginning of the clip. Oh, I forgot, that is just standard driving in the GTA,” reads one tweet.

As the police suggest, now is the time more than ever to “Slow down, leave extra space, and #GetToKnowYourPedals.”

Kayla GladyszKayla Gladysz

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