It's going to feel as cold as -15°C in Toronto tonight

Nov 11 2019, 9:16 am

Get ready for one of the chilliest nights of the season in Toronto.

It looks like it will be dipping way below freezing in the city tonight.

This afternoon we’re going to see temperatures hover around -3°C but by this evening the temperature is going to drop down to -8°C, which will feel like -15°C with the windchill, according to Environment Canada.

As well, Toronto is going to be hit with gusts of wind with speeds of up to 40 km/h.

Monday’s snowfall is expected to end around 2 am early Tuesday morning, but will leave behind up to 15 cm of snow.

Environment Canada

Flurries continue this week, as Tuesday’s high will reach -5°C, but the low will be -9°C. By Thursday, more flurries are in the forecast, but temperatures will rise up to 2°C.

So bundle up in all the layers.

It’s going to be very cold tonight and tomorrow.