Popular bubble tea chain just launched a new permanent menu

Nov 11 2020, 4:00 pm

Among the legion of things that make bubble tea the ultimate indulgence is its adaptability. The unique bevvy can be tailor-made to suit your mood — from tea type and flavour, down to your preferred selection of toppings.

Local favourite and world-famous bubble tea spot, Chatime, recently launched a new menu that promises to deliver even more customization to satisfy individual tastes. The revamp of offerings is hot off the heels of its new dairy-free bubble tea launch earlier this year.

That means popular milk teas can now be ordered in their signature traditional style, as well as with fresh milk or oat milk alternatives. With the latest menu refresh, tea lovers will also find a more expansive selection of fruit teas, matcha-whisked drinks, and handcrafted toppings than ever before. You can even adjust your drink’s ice and sugar levels — or substitute sugar with organic honey!

If that’s not enough to inspire a full-blown bubble tea craving, some of the brand’s most popular seasonal drinks have been added to its permanent menu (the Matcha Strawberry Latte is here to stay!). Meanwhile, Chatime’s partnership with Kellogg’s features an array of cereal-infused milk teas and smoothies that will rouse waves of nostalgia from your childhood days.

To celebrate, here’s a look at some of the most delectable drinks from the newly improved, customizable menu.

Matcha Strawberry Latte

Green tea lovers are going to enjoy this new drink so matcha (pun intended).

Behold a delicious blend of strawberry and ceremonial grade matcha for a match(a) made in heaven (sorry, we had to). There’s also the option to top with fresh milk or oat milk for a slightly nutty and wonderfully complementary flavour.

Peachy Lychee Tea with Passion Fruit Jelly

This new drink ticks all the boxes: fruity, refreshing, and thirst-quenching.

The peach and lychee fusion can be hand-shaken with your choice of green or black tea and topped with in-house made passion fruit jelly for added texture and fruitiness.

Iron Goddess Milk Tea with Sago

Who knew bubble tea could be… ethereal? But here we are.

Unleash your inner goddess with an oolong-based milk tea that embodies fruity notes and floral undertones. It’s best paired with sago — a dainty alternative to your classic tapioca pearls.

Is your bubble tea order in need of a revamp? The new menu launch at Chatime is the perfect occasion to get creative and discover your new go-to order.

Another way to switch things up is by opting for something on the ever-changing seasonal menu (think: Froot Loops–infused bubble tea). Plus, with the holidays coming up, there’s sure to be tons of limited-time seasonal offerings to sample.

If you’re feeling inspired to find (or create) your new favourite drink, you can drop by and experience the new menu for yourself at select locations. Head to the Chatime website to find the storefront nearest to you.

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