Chantecler closed indefinitely after 3-alarm fire in Parkdale

Nov 22 2019, 6:28 am

Parkdale’s Chantecler is closed indefinitely following a 3-alarm fire that ripped through the restaurant’s address on Tuesday morning.

On the day of the incident, Fire Chief Matthew Pegg shared an image of the building at 1340 Queen Street West to Twitter, stating that all of the building’s occupants were out, safe and accounted for without injury, and congratulating firefighters on a job well done.

In the photo he shared, the lower level of the building, where Chantecler is housed, looked relatively unscathed. The restaurant posted a similar image of the building on Tuesday, with a caption sharing that the blaze was not believed to be a kitchen fire.

On Friday, Chantecler posted another image of the space, this time, with the windows covered.

“Damage from the three-alarm fire to the building is extensive; the rear apartment and kitchen have been completely destroyed,” the image’s caption reads. “We are unsure as of yet when we can re-open the restaurant, but will be attempting to get the butcher shop back open as soon as possible.”

The restaurant expressed gratitude that nobody was harmed as a result of the incident, and wrote that the butcher shop adjacent to the eatery will hopefully be open soon.

Chantecler will continue to post updates through Instagram.