You can get a candle that smells like these two Toronto late night spots

Oct 6 2021, 6:49 pm

If you’ve ever wanted your home to smell like Toronto’s wildest and busiest late-night hang-out spots, well, look no further!

Bring the aroma of the Queen, and Spadina McDonald’s and Crews & Tangos dance floor to your humble abode with a scented candle.

Whether it be a gift for a friend or a treat for yourself, Catherine & Co., a local candlemaker, has come out with a Toronto collection, capturing the fragrance of these two notorious locations.

Wonder what they smell like? Thankfully not sweat and grease. The candle, playfully titled “THIS CANDLE SMELLS LIKE MCDONALD’S ON QUEEN & SPADINA” releases notes of sea salt, coconut, caramelized sugar, vanilla, coffee beans, caramel, monk fruit, brown sugar, and amber.

toronto candles

Catherine & Co.

“It’s 1 am, and everything is closed. In spite of this, you find yourself at the McDonald’s on the corner of Queen & Spadina Avenue, the most chaotic place on Earth after a great night out,” reads the description.

“You place an order for a Big Mac meal and wonder if today is the day that you’ll finally see a fight break out between two girls who accidentally bumped into one another. Unfortunately, it’s a stabbing. At least your fries are fresh… right?”

Toronto candles

Catherine & Co.

Love Crews and Tangos? Well, you can have your room smell just like the Church Street late-night spot. The second floor specifically.

“Charisma, uniqueness, nerve, and talent! Toronto’s #1 drag bar is the only place in the city where you can share a drink with a performer and sing your heart out with a random Bride-to-Be from Innisfil,” reads its description.

“It’s sexy, it’s very sweaty, and a little overwhelming, but it’s perfect and I’m glad it’s still standing.”

The candle gives off scents of sandalwood, cedar, cardamom, violet, papyrus, leather, amber, and iris.

This isn’t the first time a Toronto-influenced candle has gained some attention. Another local candlemaker made a candle that smells like Warden Station Jamaican patties earlier this year.

But if you were hoping to buy one of these bad boys, they’re currently sold out. Since Catherine & Co., happens to be a “one-woman team,” she’s busy fulfilling current orders.

Other Toronto candle goodies include “You’re doing the most,” “Midland Station,” “You Are Appreciated,” and “Cuffing Season.”

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