There's a “Scarborough Candle” that smells like Warden Station Jamaican patties

Jan 7 2021, 11:15 am

If you’ve ever stepped foot into Warden Station just to get your hands on Jamaican patties, then you understand the hype. A local Toronto area candle shop decided to bring that experience for anyone to enjoy at home… its scent, that is.

Real Talk Candles has created their “Scarborough Candle,” which APPARENTLY, smells like Warden Station Jamaican Patties.

“What started as teasing… has turned into this!” read a post on Real Talk Candles’ Instagram.


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After having teased the “Malton Candle,” which smells like Westwood Mall food court, a month after starting her business, Rachael-Lea Rickards, the mastermind and owner behind Real Talk Candles, found there was a high demand for it and decided to venture off to other parts of the GTA and see what else she could come up with.

“Brampton, Hamilton, Mississauga, Rexdale, and as far as I can travel across Canada… yup, I’m coming to disrupt your city,” read the post.

Both candles retail for $24 and will be available for purchase on the main site on January 12 at 1 pm eastern.