Canadian company giving its employees up to $20K for down payment on first home

Jul 8 2021, 6:18 pm

Canadian engineering firm Crozier is offering its employees up to $20,000 to help fund a down payment on their first home.

The company’s First-Time Home Buyer’s Assistance Program was rolled out as an innovative way to help address the growing barriers to homeownership.

“We have seen first-hand the increasing demand for residential development and the frustrating situations our employees find themselves in, such as extreme bidding wars, when trying to buy their first home in today’s market,” said Crozier President Nick Mocan.

“We established the First-Time Home Buyers’ Assistance Program as a creative way to help make homeownership a reality for our employees because we strongly believe that their personal growth is as important as their career growth.”

The program comes as housing prices across the country reach historic highs, largely due to low inventory and intense competition driving up prices, particularly for single-family homes. Many aspiring homeowners have consequently been priced out of the market.

Under the new assistance program, all Crozier employees are eligible for the down payment funding. If they decide to join the program, they are required to remain at the company for a minimum of three years after receiving the funds.

If that piques your interest, the Ontario-based company is currently hiring for dozens of jobs across Collingwood, Milton, Toronto, and Bradford offices.

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