Canada's 100 Best Restaurants of 2017 revealed

Mar 2 2017, 1:04 am

Need to make some serious coast-t0-coast dining plans in Canada for the next 12 months? Food lovers nationwide have been hungry for the release of the influential Canada’s 100 Best Restaurants 2017 rankings, and the wait is over. Dinner is served!

Not surprisingly, Canada’s three most renown culinary cities, Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver, occupy much of the list’s real estate. Chef Patrick Kriss’ and Amanda Bradley’s Toronto restaurant Alo take the top honour, and restaurants in The 6ix account for half of the top 10, and 24 spots overall.

Taking another quarter-plus of the list are Montreal restaurants: In the top 10, you’ll find Toqué!Joe Beef, and Le Vin Papillon, taking the second, third, and fourth place spots respectively. Montreal has a whopping 26 in total. Oh la la!

Vancouver‘s Hawksworth Restaurant slid from its prestigious third place 2016 ranking to a still-respectable sixth, and the country’s western urban culinary champ has 16 overall spots on the big list of 100. Meanwhile, Calgary‘s Pigeonhole rounds out the top 10 in the 10-spot, and has 8 on the list altogether. Not bad, kid!

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The list is peppered with solid spots elsewhere around the country, like St. John’s Mallard Cottage (17), Ottawa’s Fairouz (46), and Winnipeg’s Segovia (62), among others.

The rankings are determined by a combination of expert and informed opinions from not only Canada’s restaurant critics, but well-traveled and food-savvy diners, as well as industry insiders.

Check out the full list below:

  1. Alo, Toronto
  2. Toqué!, Montreal
  3. Joe Beef, Montreal
  4. Le Vin Papillon, Montreal
  5. Edulis, Toronto
  6. Hawksworth Restaurant, Vancouver
  7. Buca Osteria & Bar (Yorkville), Toronto
  8. Canoe, Toronto
  9. Dandylion, Toronto
  10. Pigeonhole, Calgary
  11. Montréal Plaza, Montreal
  12. Bar Isabel, Toronto
  13. Maison Publique, Montreal
  14. Kissa Tanto, Vancouver
  15. Langdon Hall, Cambridge
  16. Buca Osteria & Enoteca (King West), Toronto
  17. Mallard Cottage, St. John’s
  18. DaiLo, Toronto
  19. Nora Grey, Montreal
  20. Café Boulud, Toronto
  21. Bar Raval, Toronto
  22. Cabane à Sucre Au Pied De Cochon, St-Benoit de Mirabel
  23. Nota Bene, Toronto
  24. L’Abbatoir, Vancouver
  25. Liverpool House, Montreal
  26. Vij’s, Vancouver
  27. Raymonds, St. John’s
  28. Scaramouche, Toronto
  29. River Café, Calgary
  30. Ten Foot Henry, Calgary
  31. Nightingale, Vancouver
  32. Maenam, Vancouver
  33. Cioppino’s, Vancouver
  34. Bouillon Bilk, Montreal
  35. Foxy, Montreal
  36. Milos, Montreal
  37. l’Express, Montreal
  38. Maison Boulud, Montreal
  39. Shokunin, Calgary
  40. Savio Volpe, Vancouver
  41. Wolf in the Fog, Tofino
  42. Initiale, Quebec City
  43. Hoogan et Beaufort, Montreal
  44. Jun I, Montreal
  45. Park, Montreal
  46. Fairouz, Ottawa
  47. Damas, Montreal
  48. Agrius, Victoria
  49. Candide, Montreal
  50. Impasto, Montreal
  51. Masayoshi, Vancouver
  52. Canis, Toronto
  53. Chabrol, Toronto
  54. Yasu, Toronto
  55. Le Filet, Montreal
  56. Le Club Chasse et Pêche, Montreal
  57. Europea, Montreal
  58. Leña, Toronto
  59. Beckta, Ottawa
  60. Atelier, Ottawa
  61. Anju, Calgary
  62. Segovia, Winnipeg
  63. Planta, Toronto
  64. George, Toronto
  65. Fauna, Ottawa
  66. Les Deux Singes de Montarvie, Montreal
  67. Little Grouse on the Prairie, Saskatoon
  68. Rge Rd, Edmonton
  69. Cinara, Vancouver
  70. Deane House, Calgary
  71. People’s Eatery, Toronto
  72. Ancora Waterfront Dining, Vancouver
  73. Riviera, Ottawa
  74. Corso 32, Edmonton
  75. Ucellino, Edmonton
  76. Jacob’s & Co., Toronto
  77. Eigensinn Farm, Singhampton
  78. Blue Water Café, Vancouver
  79. Clementine, Edmonton
  80. Bar Bricco, Edmonton
  81. Model Milk, Calgary
  82. Le Mousso, Montreal
  83. AnnaLena, Vancouver
  84. Pilgrimme, Galliano
  85. Shoushin, Toronto
  86. Enoteca Sociale, Toronto
  87. Momofuku Shoto, Toronto
  88. Larrys, Montreal
  89. Rostizado, Edmonton
  90. Ask for Luigi, Vancouver
  91. Ayden, Saskatoon
  92. Le Serpent, Montreal
  93. La Quercia, Vancouver
  94. Highway Man, Halifax
  95. Ruby WatchCo, Toronto
  96. Le Crocodile, Vancouver
  97. Bearfoot Bistro, Whistler
  98. Les 400 Coups, Montreal
  99. The Merchant Tavern, St. John’s
  100. Foreign Concept, Calgary

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Editor’s note: This article has been amended to correct the location of Bar Bricco (80) 

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