10 great takes on Caesar cocktails in Toronto

May 17 2017, 4:38 pm

Caesar cocktails are an iconic Canadian bevy and in Toronto you’ll find them on menus at brunch, lunch and dinner.

While the drink is traditionally crafted with a blend of vodka, clam stock, and tomato juice, stirred with horeradish, a hit of Worcestershire sauce, and a celery salt rim – in Toronto, bartenders aren’t shy to take liberties.

In The 6ix, you’ll find Caesars spiked with a range of spirits, plus creative spins ranging from amped up garnishes to international riffs.

Here are 10 must-try Caesars in Toronto.


Adding a Middle Eastern twist on the classic, this Caesar is spiked with Sobieski vodka,  spiced with harissa, and served in a sumac and za’atar rimmed glass.

Address: 810 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-465-2500

Address: 2009 Yonge Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-483-3747

Address: 2901 Bayview Avenue, Toronto
Phone: 416-222-5424

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Designed to pair perfectly with the fruits from the sea on offer from the kitchen, this famous Toronto oyster house crafts their signature Caesars with Walter’s mix and a choice of tequila, bourbon, or scotch.

Address: 469 King Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-363-8105

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Black Briik

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Taking garnishes to the extreme, this retro ’90s bar likes to dress up its Caesar with nostalgic childhood snack foods including mini corn dogs and mac n’ cheese bites.

Address: 1077 Bloor Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-546-6123

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Thompson Diner

caesar cocktail

Thompson Diner

Thompson Toronto’s new Turkey Sausage Caesar is just $5 at brunch on the weekends. The cheap and cheerful addition to the morning meal offers things to nibble on while you wait for your eggs. Garnishes include a cocktail onion, pickle, olive, celery salt rim and turkey sausage on a skewer.

Address: 550 Wellington Street West, Toronto
Phone: 416-601-3533

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Cherry Street Bar-B-Que

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The smokehouse in the Port Lands looks for any opportunity to show off its meaty specialties. A smokey Caesar garnished with a rib has become a patio favourite.

Address: 275 Cherry Street, Toronto
Phone: 416-461-5111

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Hunters Landing

The Cure is this CityPlace bar’s answer to a hangover. Calling it over-the-top is an understatement, this thing features an entire meal among the garnishes; pizza, lobster tails, bacon, cheese, pickles… it’s all there.

Address: 82 Fort York Boulevard, Toronto
Phone: 647-352-6082

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The Chase Fish & Oyster

Weekend brunch is a seafood-studded affair at this fish and oyster house. The house Caesar blends vodka with Carroll & Co. Bloody mix, then finishes the drink off with Clamato, lime, and a freshly shucked oyster.

Address: 10 Temperance Street, Toronto
Phone: 647-348-7000

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The DIY Caesar bar here is stocked with all sorts of garnishes and hot sauces. Show some restraint with just a classic stick of celery or go all out decorating your bevy with cheese, veggies, eggs, pickles, pepperettes, and even wee little pigs in a blanket.

Address: 2952 Dundas Street West, Toronto

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Harlem Underground

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The Carbon Bar

caesar cocktail toronto

The Carbon Bar

On the weekends, the Southern-style brunch menu at this Queen East restaurant offers seductive selections to eat and drink. From the Caesar bar, start with a choice of spirits (vodka, gin, tequila, or rye) and then choose from four different styles including the “Sea”sar that featuring layers of cucumber and tomato juice topped with a wild shrimp.

Address: 99 Queen Street East, Toronto
Phone: 416-947-7000

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