This bakery in Liberty Village mills their own flour on-site

Jan 9 2019, 3:14 am

There’s a little bakery in Liberty Village that wants to up your bread game.

Brodflour offers nine varieties of flour, sourdough breads and open-faced sandwiches, all made from fresh, organic, Canadian flour that’s stone-milled on site.

Ronnen Harary and Dara Gallinger founded the spot with the intent to “give people the license to enjoy bread again.”


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Because with gluten-free this and low-carb that, bread has become a bit of a fear-food. But there are nutritional benefits to this crisp-crusted goodness that this spot wants to emphasize.

“Good bread starts with fantastic fresh flour,” says Gallinger in a press release, “so we decided to start with getting the best grain we could.”


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The grains at Brodflour are GMO-free and organic. Once harvested, the grain is gently stone-milled on site. This means that the grain is crushed between stone, keeping the vitamins, minerals, and flavours intact.

See? Health.

In addition to fresh flour and loaves of bread, this spot offers toasts, grain bowls, coffee, espresso and baked sweets. You’ll want to hang out, as the space was designed with the concept of hygge in mind.


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“[We want to] inspire and educate others to learn about what they’re eating and to enjoy the foods they love,” Gallinger says in the release.

Enjoy your daily bread, Toronto.


Address: 8 Pardee Avenue
Phone: 416-536-3838


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