These are the top 5 most delicious burgers in Toronto

Nov 5 2019, 3:28 pm

There is little more satisfying in life than a badassĀ burger.

Juicy patty, fresh tomato, crispy lettuce. Maybe a fried egg? But don’t push it further than that.

The best ones, after all, should let the bareĀ bones beefĀ shine through.

Whether you’re seeking a brunch bite, a simple supper, or something to tuck into at 2 am on the weekend, these are the two-handers serving up BBE.

That’s Big Burger Energyā„¢.

The Tuck Shop

@burgersto / Instagram

Tuck has got the goods. With new specials every day, you’ll always be satisfied by a stop into this shop. Especially on Sunday morning after a late night out. While any choice is a solid choice, the Tuck Royale is the right one. A beef patty topped with house-cured bacon, house-pickled jalapeƱos, Balderson cheddar, lettuce, tomato, red onion, and special sauce will leave your belly full and your hangover behind you.

Address: 1640 Dupont Street, #3
Phone: 647-352-5900


Farmhouse Tavern

@brunchbabesto / Instagram

A stones-throw away from Tuck, Farmhouse Tavern offers a cozy vibe, sunny patio, and ridiculously good burger.Ā Homemade bacon, goat cheese, and special sauce sit atop this oozing, juicy patty. The fried duck egg takes the drip-factor to the next level… make sure you get it all over those fries.

Address: 1627 Dupont Street
Phone: 416-561-9114


Extra Burger

@wildcard_2012 / Instagram

When it gets to be 2 am on Sunday morning and you’re still roaming Dundas West, it’s time to get some carbs in your tummy. Head to Extra Burger, open ’til 3 am. This smashed patty is topped with cheese, lettuce, tomato, pickles, and special sauce, and it’s about to become your saving grace. Add another patty, or bacon, or go full-veg with the Beyond Meat option. No matter what, this is bliss (and some coherency) served on a potato roll.

Address: 1357 A Dundas Street West


Burger Drops

Burger Drops / Instagram

This no-frills pop-up doesn’t have a permanent location, which makes accessing the smash burgs this spot whips out that much more of a treat. Crispy-yet-juicy patties are piled onto potato buns and topped with oozing cheese, pickles, maybe some onions, and a little mayo or ketchup… each one is a gift to this earth. Pop-up announcements are shared on Instagram and tickets give you access to all-you-can-eat burgers, plus $5 beers, and maybe a sweet treat too. Watch this space.

Address:Ā TBA – watch Instagram for details



Rudy / Instagram

With that picture, are words even necessary? No. But we’ll muster some anyway. Potato roll. Smashed patty. Melty cheese. Juicy tomato. Crispy lettuce. Special sauce. And the perfect size for one hand, which makes it that much easier to double fist. Bacon, though never a bad idea, is honestly not necessary. This baby holds its own.

Address: 619 College Street
Phone: 647-748-7839

Address: 69 Duncan Street
Phone: 416-351-0739


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