BBC travel article praises pretty much everything about Toronto

Jul 31 2017, 8:30 pm

Sometimes you need to hear an outsider talk about Toronto to appreciate just how awesome we have it here.

That’s what happened upon reading a recent article in BBC Travel titled ‘Toronto: The city of 140 languages‘.

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Author Lindsey Galloway’s piece weaves through more than a dozen of the city’s neighbourhoods with a uniting thread: diversity.


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She juxtaposes a city growing at a clip of 100,000 new residents a year with its beaches, introduces readers to five neighbourhoods that stand as a namesake to their residents’ countries of origin – Little India, Little Italy, Portugal Village, Greektown, and Chinatown – and gives a shoutout to Toronto’s thriving tech scene while also acknowledging the city as a hot spot for creative types too. One of her sources teases your appetite by dropping banh mi and injera covered with kitfo in the same sentence.

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All this might be expected in a city that speaks 140 languages. But that Toronto can harness all this diversity in an objectively kick-ass manner speaks to something special – something je ne sais quoi, as our friends in Montreal might say.

Distillery District Toronto


There’s plenty more praise: our parks and trails, the historic Distillery District, the islands, nearby wineries, internationally renowned jazz festival, and even affordability, referencing a 2017 Cost of Living Index that ranked Toronto just the 86th most expensive city in the world.

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So while you might be daydreaming of your next escape from the city, perhaps you’ll be inspired to book a little staycation instead.

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