Toronto tea shop to close its doors due to Ontario's vaccine certificates

Oct 14 2021, 2:03 pm

A Toronto tea shop is standing up against Ontario’s vaccine certificates and will be closing its doors after 10 years of service.

In a lengthy Instagram post shared earlier this week, Bampot House of Tea, located at 201 Harbord Street, announced it has decided to close its shop due to the provincial government’s new mandate for vaccine verification.

“In light of the recent decisions made by our governing body to mandate us to check the health status of each guest who enters our establishment we feel unfortunately that we are no longer the people to steer this ship,” read the post.

“It breaks our heart that after spending our life savings and 10 good years of our youth to build a hub in the city to congregate, share ideas or fall in love.”

The post goes on to claim that the new measures only divide society and they want nothing to do with it.

“We did not imagine that this is how it might end for us being forced into tracking people’s movement and health status under the threat of 500K fines or imprisonment,” continued the post.

“These measures only serve to divide the public and families into a two tried society of medical haves and have-nots and we want no part of it.”

They’re not the only Toronto establishment to close down to their views of the recent changes.

Adamson BBQ has closed all three of its locations following a lengthy battle against COVID-19 mandates since lockdowns were enacted.

Though they will be closing up their tea shop, owners of Bampot Tea are also willing to sell the business to anyone interested in order to save the local spot.

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