You can get your aura photographed tonight in Toronto

Jul 8 2016, 1:40 am

Science has a date with spiritualism tonight in Toronto.

Starting at 7 pm at The Drake, you can have your aura photographed by Radiant Human, a project created by Portland-based visual artist Christina Lonsdale.

Claiming to be the first of its kind, Radiant Human is a “roving, fully adaptable aura photography laboratory; a uniquely immersive salon of extrasensory image-making.”

So obviously Gwyneth Paltrow has done it:

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The project has toured throughout North America but makes its first appearance in Toronto tonight at The Drake alongside the launch of Icelandic small batch vodka brand Reyka Vodka. Each participant must sit still for 10 seconds and then wait 7-10 minutes to see what colour surrounds them in a Polaroid.

According to Radiant Human, “The camera works on the principle that we all have electricity in our body and that electricity radiates past our skins surface. This camera uses hand sensors that pick up this electricity and through a proprietary algorithm, matches this electricity to a color, then that color comes out as a dual exposure.”

In other words, in fact, in their words, “We foster the ephemeral and make the metaphysical tangible.”

Much like the existence of auras themselves, we have no idea if this is in anyway real, but we also expect that’s not really the point of Radiant Human. If you think of it as science you probably won’t be a believer, if you think of it as art you just might end up becoming one.

Either way, you should probably go and find out what your aura looks like – both before and after a few shots of vodka.

Address: The Drake Hotel (Lounge), 1150 Queen Street West

Time: July 7 @ 7 pm

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✨YOU ARE RADIANT!✨ Building relationships through realizing my dreams has been one of the most validating and exciting parts of this project. There’s a special alliance that happens when you create something memorable with someone. This alliance touches everyone involved, from my producer to my tour managers that travel with me to all of you radiant humans following this project. The curiosity about the human atmosphere and what you are putting out there is such a powerful and consistent part of this experience that it makes me so excited to see clients come back to see where they are. These photos are one year a part and I cant imagine a better visual diary, I know a lot of you have asked about where we will be next, stay tuned for an updates tour schedule, I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon!💕

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