Etobicoke restaurant defies lockdown measures and opens dine-in service

Nov 24 2020, 5:27 pm

A Toronto restaurant in the city’s west end decided to defy current lockdown orders and open up its dine-in service on Tuesday.

Provincial orders or the threat of charges are not enough to stop Adam Skelly, owner of Adamson Barbeque in Etobicoke, from opening his restaurant for those hoping to dine-in.

In an Instagram post, Skelly shares that on November 24 at 11 am, the restaurant, located at 7 Queen Elizabeth Boulevard, will be open and that “enough is enough.”

“Now for those of you who have eyes to see why I’m doing this, thank you guys so much, thank you for the messages of support,” said Skelly in a video shared on Instagram.

“This is a risky move, and you guys gave me the gas to do this.”


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Skelly had previously complied with the two weeks to flatten the curve and the lockdowns; however, he believes there is a lack of evidence surrounding the reasoning behind the closure of small businesses.

“I complied with the two weeks to flatten the curve. I complied again during the ‘second wave’ when we locked down when Doug Ford promised us that there would be supporting evidence to shut down the restaurants, bars, and gyms. He didn’t provide it,” claims Skully.

Though Skully’s decision has been made and supported by loyal fans, Toronto Police states that “regulations are clear,” and tickets will be handed out to those who do not abide.

“The Toronto Police Service is aware of this location and is in contact with Toronto Public Health and Municipal Licensing & Standards for enforcement purposes,” said a spokesperson for TPS to Daily Hive.

“The regulations are clear; indoor dining is prohibited, and anyone found to be dining in a restaurant can be subject to enforcement, including a $750 ticket or a summons to appear in court.”

During Premier Doug Ford’s daily presser on Tuesday, addressed the Etobicoke location and he sympathized with businesses affected by the closures.

“Well, they have to follow the rules. There can’t be rules for one group and not the other and I wish that they’d just follow the rules,” said Ford.

Throughout the pandemic, many local restaurants and small businesses have been unable to remain open due to revenue loss.

Despite Ford’s plea to abide by the rules, he thinks it is “not fair” for local businesses at this time.

“I just want the guy to shut down. I’m not going to get up here and start pounding on a small business owner when the guy is holding on by his fingernails,” said Ford.

“I don’t condone it. I don’t condone that he opened up, but I feel terrible. My heart breaks for these guys and it’s not fair.”

Skelly encourages those who support his message to join him at the restaurant.

“We’re opening for anyone who is a fan of freedom, sovereignty, the right to choose what you wear, where to go, who to have over at your house, what businesses you can go to.”

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