Someone visited all 75 TTC subway stations on New Year's Eve

Jan 2 2019, 11:01 pm

New Year’s may be all about looking ahead, but there’s something undeniably nostalgic in partaking in some sort of tradition.

And for one Toronto man, that includes visiting every TTC subway station on New Year’s Eve.

This year on the 31st, David Burkholder, who is an avid transit enthusiast, announced on Twitter that he was going to visit all 75 subway stations.

Burkholder says 12 years ago, he visited the previous 69 TTC stations in one go and this year to celebrate “day 365 and one year of the York extension” he was going to visit all 75 stations.

While Toronto might not have a subway system that’s as complex as other world-class cities such as New York City or Paris, visiting every TTC subway station still took Burkholder over nine hours to complete.

Burkholder began his mission just before 8 am at Spadina Station and made it to his final stop, Vaughan Metro Station, just before 5:30 pm.

And for all the transit enthusiasts out there, he documented his excursion on social media.

And after 9.5 hours, here’s the final result of Burkholder’s adventure.

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