$18 pints of ice cream are now a thing in Toronto

Aug 17 2018, 12:04 am

How much would you pay for a pint of ice cream? Is $18 too much?

NADÈGE launched its first ever ice cream parlour next to its OG patisserie on Queen Street earlier this summer and has been serving up indulgent cones decorated with tiny macarons ever since.

At $8, the individual-sized treats available from the parkside ice cream parlour don’t seem too exorbitant. La Diperie, Sweet Jesus and similar outfits don’t charge much less and Chef Nadège Nourian’s most popular desserts are known to command a premium price.

Now the creamy products are available for takeaway as well, but is the price tag too prohibitive? The new range of hand-made ice creams and sorbets are available in 16+ flavours and are priced at a whopping $18 for 500 ml – the sticker shock is pretty severe.

Are these the most expensive pints of ice cream in Toronto? Let’s see how the new Nadege ice creams compare to other artisanal ice cream products in Toronto.


Price: $18 for 500 ml
Flavours: Baked Caramel Crunch; Marie Antoinette; La Mancha; and more.

Death in Venice Gelato

Price: $10 for 500 ml
Flavours Rhubarb & Licorice; Pistachio Baklava; Peanut Butter & Croissant; and more.

Sweet Jesus

Price: $11 for 473 ml
Flavours Chocolate-Peanut Butter-Caramel; Red Rapture; Birthday Cake; and more.


Price: $10 for 473 ml
Flavours: Pineapple Cilantro; Ovaltine (Malt Chocolate); Wasabi Honey; and more.

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