YouPorn launches "Wheel of Foreplay" to set the mood during lockdown

Apr 24 2020, 12:15 am

Are you looking to add a little spice to your quarantine? Adult entertainment site YouPorn, in association with Future of Sex Lab, may have just what you need to spruce up your “special” time.

The site recently unveiled the “Wheel of Foreplay,” a digital intimacy game created to be “an entertaining release” for¬†sexual partners who are isolating together or apart.

“In uncertain times, it’s common for people to look for deeper connections and balance feelings of unease with pleasure and satisfaction,” the official press release explains.

The release continues that couples who are in isolation are finding new ways to explore their sexuality through avenues such as sex toys, sales of which have “skyrocketed.”

Additionally, traffic to porn sites is also experiencing an upward trend.

“Based on principles of consent, communication and curiosity, Wheel of Foreplay was designed to be a highly interactive way of exploring personal fantasies and trying new sexual activities to bring pleasure to both yourself and your partner,” the release describes.

The wheel was created by the Future of Sex Lab, an organization that develops ventures that combine technology and sexuality while also supporting sex education, intimacy skills, gender identity, medicine, and more.

Wheel of Foreplay offers YouPorn-themed challenges through virtual decks of cards,¬†including titles such as “Push it Real Good,” “Some Like it Hot,” and “Cosmic Connection.”

The various categories correlate with different experiences. For example,¬†“Push it Real Good” promotes physical actions, “Cosmic Connection” explores a more mindful interaction, and “Some Like it Hot” promotes sensual connection.

Once you decide on a category, a player will spin the wheel by clicking it and a challenge will appear on their screen. From there, players can interact with each other to act out the corresponding challenge.

“Together with YouPorn we‚Äôve created this playful game to encourage everyone to have more sex whilst stuck at home, regardless of why ‚Äď and ultimately to bring people together,” producer and host of Future Sex Lab Bryony Cole explains in the press release.

“Studies have shown that sex and intimacy together are amazing for the immune system and mental health. My hope for Wheel of Foreplay is that people spinning it feel like they can really enjoy keeping their intimacy locked down, physically and digitally, and start enjoying all of the benefits of intimate connection.”

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