You can now own the coveted Microsoft sweater

Dec 12 2019, 7:26 pm

Yesterday, the possibility of a Microsoft Christmas sweater made commotion online. Today, we’re here to let you know that yes, the sweaters are real, but no, they aren’t for sale.

This morning at 9 am, Windows tweeted another cryptic tweet, this time asking users: “What are your warmest XP memories?”

It’s been theorized that if you answer the question and include the hashtag #WindowsUglySweater, you could be in the running to win one of the sweaters.

The sweater’s box is labeled “pro-h0-ho-fessional” under the name of the 2001 software. On the back of the box, contents are described as “easy-on installation” and “tailored experience.” The brand even goes so far as to add a joke about “backward compatibility” and how the sweater worn forwards yields best results.

The sweater itself is the signature Windows blue with the software’s 2001 logo on the front.

Those who have received the sweater have already begun parading them online.

What are you waiting for? Get Tweeting!

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