18 Seattle-based tattoo artists to consider for your next piece

Nov 20 2019, 6:00 am

Making the choice to wear something permanent on your skin is no small choice, and no matter what you’re getting, you want to know you’re in good hands.

If you’ve got an idea for your next inking but aren’t sure where to go, make sure to check out these Seattle tattoo artists of all styles.

Jaime Fernandez


If you’re a fan of color, Jaime Fernandez is the artist for you. Known for playing around with the traditional style of tattooing and Japanese themes, you’ll walk away with a sophisticated yet playful piece.

Ask for Jaime Fernandez at Monark Seattle.

Hildur Blom


Fantasy artwork with a pop of color is where Hildur shines. Her delicate works make any animal beautiful, which is apparent in her sea cow tattoo above. Go to Blom if you’re wanting a delicate creature tattooed.

Ask for Hildur Blom at Tygerwolf Seattle.

Jamie King


Jamie King is truly the king of Japanese-inspired sleeves. He isn’t afraid of color and is sure to leave you with gorgeous new artwork.

Ask for Jamie King at Monark Seattle.

Ping Ping


Specializing in small and precise work, Ping Ping has mastered keeping a steady hand. Don’t let her delicate work fool you, Ping Ping is also great at tattooing heavily-shaded images and animals.

Ask for Ping Ping at Idolize Tattoo.

Kelsi Hooper

Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists


Illustrative tattoos are what Kelsi Hooper does best. From fruits and flowers to animals and anatomy, Hooper does it all. She’s a great choice if you’re looking to tattoo an image of a pet.

Ask for Kelsi Hooper at TygerWolf Tattoo.


Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists


Three words to describe Lolli’s tattoos: colorful, cute, and creepy. Lolli is your new go-to for whimsical tattoos.

Ask for Lolli at Valentines Tattoo



If you’re searching for an artist who specializes in feminist works, body positivity, and feminine figures, Sally is the artist for you. With clean linework and bold imagery, you’re going to stand out with her tattoos.

Ask for Sally at Valentines Tattoo.

Ylva Elhammer

@druzyeyed on Instagram

Although still an apprentice, Ylva Elhammer knows what she’s doing. With adorable doodle-like creations and tons of flash sheets, get inked by Elhammer if you’d like a tattoo with simple linework.

Ask for Ylva at Lilith Tattoo Seattle.

Silver Fawkes

Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists


Come to silver for trees, mushrooms, and everything in between. If you’ve been wanting a nature-themed tattoo, Silver Fawkes is your artist.

Ask for Silver at Lilith Tattoo Seattle.

Henry James

Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists


To be perfectly honest, there isn’t a style that Henry James can’t tattoo. His portfolio features beautiful shading, pop-art, simple lines, watercolor, and everything else you could possibly desire.

Ask for Henry James at Idolize Tattoo.

Nick Wagner

Tattoo Seattle


Nick Wagner has done hundreds of script tattoos. No matter the font, he’ll nail it. Go to Wagner if you’re looking for a quote to be tattooed or if you’d rather go for new school design.

Ask for Nick Wagner at Idolize Tattoo.

Avery Osajima

Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists


Avery Osajima is a poking goddess. You’ll be shocked to find out that all of her tattoos are poked by hand, without a machine. If you want a true professional, visit Osajima.

Ask for Avery Osajima at Lilith Tattoo Seattle.

Anna Wall


Cats, cats, and cats. Anna is able to reimagine all breeds as unique tattoos. Although she’s an apprentice, her colorful tattoos will have you thinking she’d been tattooing for years.

Ask for Anna Wall at Fist Full of Metal Tattoo.

Chris Adams

Tattoo Seattle


As the owner of Fist Full of Metal Tattoo, you bet Chris Adams knows his stuff. Adams has been working on Japanese tattoos lately and should be your go-to if you’d like a classic piece of art.

Ask for Chris Adams at Fist Full of Metal Tattoo.

Ingrid Elaine

Get inked by one of these Seattle-based tattoo artists

@ingrid_elaine on Instagram

Although watercolor tattoos are incredibly hard to master, Ingrid Elaine may be one of the best watercolor tattoo artists in Seattle. If you’re looking for a watercolor tattoo, let her work her magic on you.

Ask for Ingrid Elaine at Damask Tattoo.

Jenny Vidovic

Tattoo Seattle


Geeky cartoons and shows are what Jenny Vidovic tattoos best. Go to her with your ideas of colorful cartoons or shows that you love. She’ll surely do them justice.

Ask for Jenny Vidovic at Damask Tattoo.

Laura Exley


Gorgeous, realistic, and colorful is what Laura Exley is great at. She tattooed the lion above in just one day. If you’ve got a crazy idea and are willing to power through it in one day, this is one of the Seattle tattoo artists for you.

Ask for Laura Exley at Damask Tattoo.

Bailey Parke

Tattoo Seattle


Bailey Parke tattoos designs are best described as kawaii style art. She’s tattooed tons of cartoon characters as well as cats with hats and food items. If you’re looking for an adorable tattoo, go to Bailey Parke.

Ask for Bailey Parke at Blue Geisha Tattoo.