Seattleites think that they can drive in the snow: poll

Jan 14 2020, 8:34 pm

In a recent poll measuring the level of driving comfort in the Pacific Northwest, Seattlites believed that they were well skilled when it came to winter driving. Males believed that they were more skilled than other drivers, while most females thought that they were about the same skill level as other drivers.

In the snow and ice, 55% of Metro Seattle respondents said they were somewhat or very comfortable driving, as opposed to only 26% of Seattlites who said they were very uncomfortable driving in the icy conditions.

We’re hoping that Seattlites were telling the truth about their comfort levels, because we’re about to be faced with a few more days of icy and snowy weather.

The latest weather alert by the National Weather Service announced that from Seattle northward, there may be difficult commutes beginning Wednesday morning.

Wind with gusts of 45 to 60/mph are expected over the waterways and cascade foothills, with light snow in the lowlands.

The snow will continue through to Saturday, when the weather will start warming up.

Westbound snowplow operators of the I-90 Snoqualmie Pass have been noticing heavy snow with whiteout conditions causing drivers to crash.

According to the Washington State Department of Transportation, drive for conditions. Use slower speeds and accelerate slowly, leaving extra space between vehicles to give yourself more time to stop.

The department urges Washingtonians to turn off cruise control and to slow down when approaching intersections, offramps, bridges, or shady spots. If you’re behind a snowplow, slow down and don’t tailgate the plow.

If you can, avoid driving over the next few days. If you must, be sure to follow the Winter Driving Guide.

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