How to stay entertained at home using Seattle Public Library resources

Mar 5 2020, 8:20 pm

With Seattlites being urged to stay indoors, you may be wondering what the heck to do while you’re cooped up on self-quarantine.

We’d like to remind you about the Seattle Public Library, a great resource to use during this time, especially because of their massive selection of online e-books that are accessible through most computers, phones, and tablets.

The Seattle Public Library currently boasts one of the highest e-book circulation rates of any public library in the nation. Once you have your library card, enjoy access to books, music, movies, and TV Shows — all for free.

Here’s how to get started:

How to get a library card

Residents can apply either online or in-person but will have to visit a library branch in order to pick up their card and access library materials.

To apply online, residents must be at least 13 years old and have photo ID. Those under 13 can apply for a child’s library card with the approval of their parent or guardian.

How to download books on your device

Those interested in downloading books can do so through OverDrive, Safari Books Online, BookFlix, TumbleBookLibrary, or Hoopla Digital Comics. You’ll need your library card handy, as well as your personal pin number.

OverDrive/Libby gives you free access to thousands of e-books and audiobooks for three weeks at a time. You can download OverDrive’s Libby app on your devices, or visit their website online.

Safari Books Online offers over 4,000 books about technology, startups, as well as project management. It’s the perfect library for those wanting to learn a new skill without having to leave the house. Download books through their online webpage.

BookFlix is tailored towards young readers up to the third grade. The app and website use animated stories and interactive games to keep young readers engaged and educated at the same time. BookFlix is accessible through its app and online.

TumbleBookLibrary helps children build their reading, math, and language skills through animated picture books. Their site runs on Windows, Mac, Chromebook, and most tablets and smartphones.

Hoopla Digital Comics allows readers of all ages to download thousands of comics and graphic novels.

How to download movies on your device

Those interested in downloading movies can do so through Access Video, Hoopla Movies, or Kanopy. You’ll need your library card handy, as well as your personal pin number.

Access Video allows you to stream unlimited video on demand on any computer, tablet, or smartphone. Hop over to their website, log in, and enjoy thousands of movies, tv shows, educational videos, and DIY videos.

Hoopla allows library cardholders to stream up to 15 movies or tv shows per month. Over 6,000 movies can be accessed through their app or website.

Kanopy lets you stream up to five free films a month. Video offerings range from independent flicks to classic movies. Kanopy is accessible through its app, online, or by using Chromecast or Apple TV. Kanopy also offers a children’s service, Kanopy for Kids.

How to access other library resources

Besides movies, tv shows, and books, the Seattle Public Library has so many other resources and digital magazines. You can check out the full offering at

Don’t worry about overdue fines

All books and films will be removed from your online library after they expire. You’ll never have to worry about overdue or late fees.

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