A protester was seen blowing bubbles at the Seattle police (VIDEO)

Jun 4 2020, 7:04 pm

When you think of bubbles, you think happy — and lightening up the mood is exactly what a few bubbles did at Wednesday’s protests in Seattle.

A couple of videos have surfaced on Twitter, showing a man blowing bubbles at police officers while holding a handwritten sign reading “whoever threw that tear gas… your mom a hoe.”

The man blowing the bubbles has since been identified as Karlos Dillard, an author, model, comedian, and viral video star.

In an Instagram post, Dillard explains that his “job as a comedian is to shine light into the darkness of society. I was happy to bring smiles to the protestors as well as a few cops who couldnā€™t help but crack a smile at how ridiculous they look in riot gear surrounded by bubbles.”


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“My knees were literally shaking. I was terrified but I couldnā€™t help smiling at the sight of these huge policemen in riot gear with bubbles floating around them and landing on the gear and popping,” he told Daily Hive. “Itā€™s made me feel innocent again. Some officers couldnā€™t help but crack a smile and that made me feel safer.”

He also said that he’s been to four days of the protests, all of which have been peaceful. “People like me are doing our best to fight for our lives but also make bonds with police because we are all humans — I hope that eventually, the cops will blow bubbles with me!”

Growing up in Detroit, Dillard spent most of his childhood in foster care. Abandoned at 15 years old, he worked three jobs and put himself through high school and college while homeless. He’s since self-published a book that tells the emotional rollercoaster of a life he’s been through.

“I am most known for my quick sassy remarks and being real no matter the situation,” he says onĀ his website, perfectly reflecting his actions during Wednesday’s protest. “I want to live life every day to the fullest while bringing awareness to social issues using comedy and conversation.”

Those interested in purchasing Dillard’s book, merch, or face masks can do so online.

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