San Francisco-based China Live backs out of Downtown Seattle

May 3 2021, 4:26 pm

More than just a restaurant, San Francisco-based China Live was all set to make its way to Seattle later this year.

Then, the pandemic happened.

Best described by founder George Chen, China Live is an interactive culinary experience that aims to showcase the best of modern Chinese food and beverage products and services.

The restaurant and market experience, the second of the company, was expected to take over the heart of the Amazon Downtown Campus. According to Eater Seattle, China Live and Amazon came to a mutual decision to terminate their lease.

“It’s not the right concept and the right location, because Amazon, like any big secret company, they’re not going to tell you whether their employees are going to be able to work remotely or not,” George Chen told Eater.

Back in November 2020, a representative of China Live told Daily Hive that rather than creating a new concept, designers had decided to share design and cuisine versions of their San Francisco location while upgrading it to reflect the beauty of the PNW. “It will not be a replica, instead it will reflect the terroir of the Pacific Northwest, utilizing the bounty of culinary products from local farms, fisheries, and ranches.”

China Live Seattle

Seattle Retail Market / China Live

The market was going to be the main feature of China Live — a place where you can purchase hand-selected products that allow you to bring the flavors and experiences of the restaurant home.

China Live Seattle

Seattle Dining Room / China Live

Chen told Eater that China Live is instead looking at New York and Chicago for possible expansion plans.

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