Seattle’s beloved Señor Moose Restaurant announces name change

Apr 16 2021, 11:01 am

Known for having some of the best Mexican food in the city, Seattle’s beloved Señor Moose is here to stay.

What is leaving, however, is its name.

The Ballard-area restaurant is set to become El Moose, as part of a larger vision to establish the restaurant for a new wave of growth that’s expected to emerge post-lockdown.

“Over the years, the Moose has taken on a life of its own,” said Camila Aguirre, one of the owners of El Moose, in a press release. “To celebrate our customers and their commitment to us as we navigated through COVID, we decided to mark this new chapter by renaming our beloved moose, El Moose.”

With authentic Mexican recipes directly reflecting family heritage, the restaurant is hoping to expand into the post-COVID world with in-person dining and pre-packaged foods.

“The Moose has survived the great recession, and now, the COVID pandemic. We are the same owners, the same welcoming faces with a fresh new look to celebrate our next chapter,” said Aguirre. “El Moose is a tapestry of our community. To celebrate this, we updated our identity embracing the language and traditions that have been part of our journey.”

El Moose will be celebrating its new identity on April 18 with live mariachi, limited giveaways, and branded merchandise.

Señor Moose / El Moose

Location: 5242 Leary Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-784-5568
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