Rubber ducks are appearing in Seattle puddles (PHOTOS)

Jan 31 2020, 12:06 am

Oh, duck! A mysterious duck-plopper is running wild amongst the Belltown neighborhood.

Anna Joswiak, head coach at OrangeTheory in Belltown, was walking down the street when she’d first noticed a lone duck in the puddle along the road. She’d thought that it was an adorable one-off, snapped a photo, and continued on her stroll.

After taking a few steps past the puddle, she’d soon find herself coming across over 15 more rubber ducks. “I saw one… then saw a whole lot more,” she told Daily Hive


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The rubber ducks looked to match her previous find, with orange beaks and yellow bodies. This time, however, they were spread out across the street, as if the ducks themselves were swimming down the road.

“I had walked down that way a few hours prior and they weren’t there, so I was surprised to see them,” she said.

These rubber ducks were most likely planted by the same person, clearly making the best of the rainy weather we’ve been experiencing.

If you notice rubber ducks in your neighborhood, tag #dailyhivesea so that we can continue following their journey.

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