This website will let you sit inauguration Bernie anywhere

Jan 21 2021, 6:54 pm

Inauguration Bernie is a whole mood.

By now we’re sure you’ve seen the American legend in the stands of President Biden’s inauguration, showing up in his classic Burton coat — yes, the one that he wore in the memes — and his pair of comfy mittens.

While some creatively captioned his outfit and posture, others began photoshopping his image onto other scenarios.

Now, you can join in on the fun thanks to a website created by Nick Sawhney.

Put Bernie Anywhere allows users to input an address and have sitting Bernie superimposed in front of the location.

The website uses Google Maps street view and is available worldwide.

Those who love the site as much as we do can donate to Sawhney online — Google charges him each time someone uses the site for using the maps API.

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