Start a New Year's Eve tradition by slurping down noodles 'til midnight

Dec 9 2020, 10:37 am

Some cultures pop back grapes on New Year’s, some down champagne, and others slurp on Toshikoshi noodles.

Wrap up 2020 by partaking in the Japanese tradition of eating handmade noodles on New Year’s Eve, thanks to Azuki Madison.

The Japanese restaurant is offering five varieties of Toshikoshi Fresh Udon Set with a couple of add-on options.

Choose between niku kinoko beef and mushroom, miso-shippoku simmered chicken and veg, kitsune fried thin tofu, fresh udon noodles, and fresh udon soup.

Sets start at $30 and are enough for two to three people. They come with one pound of fresh noodles, two cups of house-made soup, and various toppings, including green onion and shredded ginger.


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The noodles’ long skinny shape symbolizes the longevity of life. “Because the noodles are also soft and easy to cut, people hope to cut out this year’s misfortune and instead invite good luck,” reads Azuki Madison’s website.

Those interesting in ordering the noodles must order online by December 29 for pick up on December 31st.