7 of the best places to get delicious matcha drinks in Seattle

May 31 2021, 9:51 pm

All over TikTok and Instagram, teens have been rejoicing over the green beverage known as matcha.

Contrary to common belief, matcha itself isn’t the drink. It’s the finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea leaves, traditionally consumed in East Asia.

Matcha can be added to water, milk, as well as an array of other drinks.

If you’re not sure where to start your matcha journey, head out to one of these seven spots in Seattle:

Coffeeholic House

Coffeeholic House in Seattle is known for its signature Vietnamese Coffees. What they’re lesser known for is the stellar matcha latte. You can even upgrade your drink with cheese foam or customize it with non-dairy milk.

Location: 3700 South Hudson Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-722-3327
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Matcha Cafe Maiko

Enjoy everything matcha at the Matcha Cafe Maiko. The shop makes as much as they can in-house, including ice cream, sponge cakes, waffle cones, and even the adzuki bean toppings. Whether you’d like a simple matcha latte or whole matcha waffle cone, Cafe Maiko’s got you covered.

Location: 400 Pine Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-825-2023
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Think of an Instagram teashop and then enter Atulea. We bet you they’re the same. In addition to a gorgeous cafe, their drinks are innovative and beautiful — try a butterfly pea matcha tea or mushroom and matcha tea.

Location: 1715 12th Avenue, Suite 100, Seattle
Phone: 206-413-5903

Nana’s Green Tea

Nana’s Green Tea has SO much more than your typical matcha drinks. Chow down on matcha soft serve, matcha shaved ice, parfaits, and more.

Location: 1007 Stewart Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-785-6477
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Moore Coffee Seattle

The best thing about Moore Coffee Seattle is the art you’ll end up with on your latte. Like dogs? You’re covered. Hello Kitty? The barista artists can do it.

Location: 1930 2nd Avenue, Seattle
Phone: 206-883-7044
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Koku Cafe and Market


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In addition to delicious Japanese cafe eats, Koku Cafe and Market serves up lovely matcha lattes. Not too bitter and not too sweet, the spot serves great cups for beginners and aficionados alike.

Location: 1417 Queen Anne Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-285-1352
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Miro Tea


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We’ve got good news for you: if you like the matcha beverages at Miro Tea, you can make them at home. Miro Tea is both a tea house and tea shop serving some of the finest matcha in Seattle.

Location: 5405 Ballard Avenue NW, Seattle
Phone: 206-782-6832
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