Spend a day connecting with energies at The Earth Sanctuary

Oct 19 2020, 1:55 pm

Just an hour and a half out of Seattle comes a new art installation, that follows a ley line known to inspire a spiritual experience for those standing nearby.

The energetic ley line is located in the Earth Sanctuary, Whidbey Island’s nature preserve and sculpture garden.

“Now more than ever, humankind is in need of a connection with the power of benevolent earth energies,” says Earth Sanctuary Founder, Chuck Pettis. “Strong human emotions can be experienced at a ley line power center, which can create a new kind of self-awareness and comfort.”

The line is covered with a 56-foot driftwood corridor which guides visitors to where it is best to experience the sensations in the natural environment.

The Ley Line sculpture marks the 11th large-scale installation designed and curated by Pettis. According to the sanctuary, Pettis selected the burnt driftwood pieces of the Ley Line installation one by one to mark the significant power running from the deeper woods to a rising hillside.

“The line of burnt driftwood poles standing still after enduring earth, air, fire, and water, marks a significant diamond-shaped power center located beside a rounded earth mound. The resilient wood then floats down to a wetland where it magically disappears.”

Earth Sanctuary

Chuck Pettis at the Ley Line/Earth Sanctuary

Those hoping to visit the Ley Line and feel its energies, can do so by joining a tour with Chuck Pettis himself or wandering solo. More information about visiting Earth Sanctuary can be found on their website.

For those who’d like to experience the line virtually, Pettis will be broadcasting virtual visits every Friday beginning on October 23 until November 13. They will be shared on the sanctuary’s Instagram and Facebook channels at 10 am.

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