Small business spotlight: Down to Reiki will clear your spiritual blockages

Jul 13 2020, 10:39 pm

Coming from a long line of energy healers, certified Healing Hands Master and Reiki master Vibe Smith at Down to Reiki is available and ready to meet those looking to clear their minds of any physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blockages.

Using his own technique “that harmonizes Source Energy, the high vibration energy that unites all living things, with Love Energy, the lower frequency,” Vibe helps patients of all ages, people with physical symptoms and emotional scarring, to identify the root causes of their suffering so they can deal, heal and feel good again.

According to Smith, “[the gift of healing] isn’t something he learned. Healing energy flows strongly through his family, as it has throughout the ages.”

Those interested in having stagnant energies cleared from their being and gaining insight on lessons that their bodies want them to learn can try Healing Hands — a technique passed down through Smith’s family. The process allows him to work with your entire being from a single location to flow energy through your body towards your crown chakra.

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Healing Hands / Down to Reiki

Those who are avoiding in-person services can try a distanced healing session.

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Distance Healing / Down to Reiki

Smith also does cleaning and charging on crystals and semi-precious stones and performs healing on pets and plants.

reiki seattle

Healing Plants / Down to Reiki

If you’re interested in learning more, contact Smith via his website, Facebook, Twitter or at 206-669-7268.

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