5 stunning spots where you can do a workout outside in Seattle

Aug 4 2020, 10:57 pm

We’ve all been looking for innovative ways to workout recently that don’t involve hitting up our usual gyms, yoga studios, and spin classes that have been on hiatus.

But if you’ve done enough indoor YouTube yoga workouts to last a lifetime, it’s time to venture outside for your daily fix of exercise. And when better to soak in the natural beauty our city has to offer than this time of year?

We’ve teamed up with HydratorĀ to find the best spots around town where you can set down your yoga mat or dumbbells.

Ever since the pandemic hit, the healthy sports drink company has been encouraging people to be as creative as possible in their exercise routines. In its campaign as the unofficial hydrator of physically-distanced workouts, Hydrator been supporting exercisers across the city, whether they’re doing squats holding their pup or joining a backyard bootcamp.

Plot a course to any of these five stunning outdoor spots where you can get your sweat on.

Green Lake Park

Put your indoor workouts on hold and make your way to the city’s beautiful Green Lake Park for an invigorating outdoor exercise session. Go jogging or biking on the park’s 2.8-mile path, taking in sights of the blossoming flowers, plants, and birds that call the nature reserve home. Bring your yoga mat with you and find a spot by the water where you can move through a flow at your own pace.

Discovery Park


As the largest city park in Seattle, Discovery Park covers a massive 534 acresĀ on Magnolia Bluff. Home to beaches, lush forested areas, and a slew of walking trails, it’s easy to feel as though you’ve been transported to the other side of the world as you explore the area’s vast terrain. While you’re there, you might even see some wildlife foraging on the move. Feast your eyes on the postcard-worthy views of the Olympic and Cascade Mountains post-workout to be reminded of how epic the local landscape is.

Alki Beach Park

One of the best things about exercising in the great outdoors is that you can regularly change up your routine. At Alki Beach Park, challenge the members of your bubble to a mildly competitive game of volleyball, feel the sand beneath your toes as you walk along the scenic shoreline, and find a spot to watch the sunset as you stretch out later in the evening. From the park, you’ll see mesmerizing views of Puget Sound, the Space Needle, and the Olympic Mountain range.

Volunteer Park


If you’re looking for a noteworthy outdoor spot to visit in the heart of Seattle, check out Volunteer Park in Capitol Hill. You can access the park from 15th Avenue East and walk or bike your way around the pathways. There are plenty of green spaces where you can lay down your mat and do a self-led exercise session, and there’s also a tennis court if you’re interested in channeling your inner pro player.

Carkeek Park

With gorgeous vistas of the water and mountainscape, it’s easy to see why Carkeek Park is a popular place to spend sunshine-filled days off work. The outdoor haven has 220 acres of creeks, wetlands, forest, and beach with serene areas where you can get in the zone for a HIIT workout. Make your way to Pipers Creek to see if you can spot any salmon swimming in the waters, marvel at the park’s fruit orchard, and see how many steps you clock up along the way.

You’re probably going to get pretty thirsty working outside in the summertime — as opposed to your climate-controlled living room.


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