Hilarious “Husband Day Care” sign spotted at Seattle restaurant (PHOTOS)

Aug 12 2020, 3:26 pm

While on her way to Discovery Park on Saturday, Soumya Jha‎ spotted a hilarious sign hanging from Nickerson Street’s Thai food restaurant, Thai Fusion.

She couldn’t help but snap a photo and upload it to Facebook, where it’s been gaining traction ever since.

The sign calls out to those with husbands: “Need time to relax? Leave your husband with us. Need time for yourself? We’ll look after him. Need to go shopping? You’ll just pay for his drinks.”

Although many Seattleites are seeing the sign for the first time this week, Thai Fusion has had the sign up for around 12 years and isn’t going to be taking it down anytime soon.

Those looking to see the sign in person or feast on tasty Thai food can do so at 15 Nickerson St.

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