Hilarious online videos teach viewers how to stop the spread of coronavirus

Mar 17 2020, 12:25 am

There are no two ways about it. The world is a scary place right now. And we could all use some humor in our lives to ease the anxiety.

Of course, the ongoing COVID-19 crisis is no laughing matter.

Still, people across the world have taken to the internet to make the most of a dire situation with fun and engaging videos to educate viewers on how best to protect themselves against the coronavirus pandemic as well as how to decrease further spread.

While the content itself may revolve around a severe issue, it doesn’t mean that the execution can’t be funny.

After all, it was the late great legend Robin Williams who said, “Comedy is acting out optimism.”

Vietnam’s Ministry of Health – “Jealous Coronavirus”

In association with singers Min and Erik, the Ministry of Health in Vietnam created a catchy song and music video entitled, “Jealous Coronavirus,” which presents an informative message to the public on how to prevent the further spread of coronavirus.

The chorus (in Vietnamese) translates to “Let’s wash our hands, rub, rub, rub, rub them /don’t put your hands on eyes, nose, mouth/limit going to crowded places, fight back against corona!”

Following the song’s release, a famous dancer by the name of Quang Đăng posted a video to Instagram with his choreographed dance to the catchy tune, which has since garnered over 100,000 views as well as over 390,000 likes on TikTok. He also encourages his followers to post their own videos using the hashtag #GhenCovyChallenge.


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The song is insanely catchy, so don’t be surprised if it gets stuck in your head, even if you don’t speak Vietnamese!

Sawani Dutt aka Bengali Aunty – “Coronavirus Safety Song”

Sawani Dutt, perhaps more commonly known by her YouTube name, Bengali Aunty, wrote, sang, and posted a video on YouTube surrounding the hand-washing guidelines set in place by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The song was inspired by a conversation with a medical practitioner in the United States who is a friend of Dutt’s. The friend requested that Bengali Aunty create a song teaching the best handwashing techniques.

The song describes the instances where it is absolutely essential to wash your hands, especially as “the deadly coronavirus is knocking at the door!”

meWATCH in Singapore – “Air Hug”

YouTube channel meWATCH, a destination for “local/made-in-Singapore on-demand dramas, entertainment, news, sports, and live programs,” released a humorous sketch that touches on important issues surrounding coronavirus.

The video discusses topics such as avoiding misinformation and rumors and remaining calm amidst the panic as well as the importance of properly washing your hands and avoiding touching your face.

The video uses two characters to represent the dichotomy of public reactions surrounding coronavirus and uses it as a teaching tool to demonstrate what people should be doing instead.

The channel has since uploaded multiple videos surrounding coronavirus as well as how to prevent it.

United Nations’s Food and Agriculture Organization in Italy – Handshake Alternatives

@faoInstead of doing the classic handshake try these alternatives to help prevent the spread of ##coronavirus. ##covid19 ##fyp ##foryoupage♬ NANANA – __liene__

The UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization chose the right venue to adhere to the youth demographic by creating a TikTok video demonstrating the various alternatives individuals can use besides the classic handshake to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The video includes tactics such as “the elbow,” “the foot shake,” or, for funsies, why not both!

Danial Kheirikhah in Iran – “Proper way to wash your hands”


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Iranian theater star Danial Kheirikhah shows viewers the best ways to thoroughly wash your hands, cover your nose with your elbow when you sneeze, and wash your hands if you sneeze into them, all without saying a single word!

Instead, the actor uses the power of mime to gesture his way of illustrating the best hand-washing techniques by portraying himself as the instructor of an orchestra.

The video playfully ends with Kheirikhah sneezing into his elbow once. He then proceeds to sneeze a second time, this time in his hands, prompting him to have to start the whole process all over again.

In times like these, it can be hard to find the humor in things, but remaining positive and optimistic, and practicing the preventative methods illustrated in these videos, is our best bet in combatting the further spread of coronavirus and ensuring that our world is safe, secure, and healthy.

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