Known coronavirus cases spikes past two million people worldwide

Apr 15 2020, 5:31 pm

The number of known coronavirus cases worldwide has spiked past two million people, according to live numbers from the World Health Organization.

As of Wednesday at 2 pm EDT, 2,049,849 cases had been confirmed globally and 132,835 COVID-19-related deaths have been reported.

A total of 507,782 known cases have recovered from the virus.

It took 83 days for the world to reach the first million cases and just 14 days afterwards for the second million.

Five countries have over 100,000 known cases: United States (622,412), Spain (177,633), Italy (165,155), France (147,863), and Germany (133,154).

Johns Hopkins University

Globally, the United States and Italy hold the highest death toll totals at 27,549 and 21,645, respectively.

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