Five classic books to devour on a rainy weekend

May 23 2020, 4:34 pm

Can’t take a nice walk or go to the beach because of those heavy, grey clouds looming over you? Don’t worry, it won’t dampen your plans. Use this free time to indulge in some simple pleasures.

Make yourself a cup of hot cocoa and get comfy by your living room window to enjoy these classic reads.

The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby / Amazon

The Great Gatsby is a book you have to read again…. and then again. It is one of the very first indicators of the fact that money cannot buy happiness, or love in this case. A raw, enthralling read, this novel has one of the best beginnings and endings of a book. It teaches important lessons like: “Whenever you feel like criticizing anyone, just remember that all people in this world haven’t had the same advantages that you’ve had.” It speaks volumes about how everything you see isn’t necessarily the truth. Gatsby wore two faces, one for himself, and one for the public.

A Room of One’s Own by Virginia Woolf

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A Room of One’s Own / Amazon

Virginia Woolf’s legendary work as an active patron of women in literature is only one of the many reasons why this book is a must-read. As a work of non-fictional essays and feminist text based on Woolf’s time at Cambridge University, A Room of One’s Own is a page-turner. With interesting characters and a gripping plot, it is hard to not binge this in one sitting.

Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert

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Eat, Pray, Love / Goodreads

Inspiring, relatable, and honest, Eat, Pray, Love is what the doctor ordered. Sometimes, all it takes is an amazing book to realize that you are not alone. People suffer from anxiety, feelings of hopelessness, and uncertainty in their lives. This book is a brave and bold reality, showing you exactly what you need to love yourself, love your life, and be happy even when you least expect it.

Giovanni’s Room by James Baldwin

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Giovanni’s Room / Goodreads

This book takes you right back to 1950s Paris. Giovanni’s Room follows the life of an American man engaged to a young woman. Tied up in a scandalous love affair with a male Italian bartender, this book is captivating and intriguing. The gritty and glamorous Parisian life in the 1950s highlights the conflicts that come with exploring sexuality.

The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway by Ernest Hemingway

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The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway / Goodreads

Nothing gets you invested in reading like a Hemingway masterpiece. This book includes his iconic stories, along with some of his unpublished work. You could simply read one story and move onto another book, or finish over 40 of his short stories in a go, without realizing you haven’t touched your coffee.

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