Boma Jewelry is offering a grant program for Black jewelry designers

Jun 15 2020, 9:30 pm

Budding Black jewelry designers can now get one step closer to achieving their dreams with Boma Jewelry’s new grant program.

The grant program was inspired by a social media post shared by the founder of the Black Artists and Designers Guild, Malene Barnett, which asked designers to list the number of opportunities they’ve given to those in the Black community.


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“We recognize that we have resources now that many Black jewelry designers have never had access to. It’s unfortunate that it has taken us so long to recognize this lack of opportunity and development, but we want to make it right and contribute to lasting, positive impact for our grantees and partners,” Boma Jewelry CEO Suzanne Vetillart said in a press release.

This Instagram post pushed the Seattle-based jewelry company to reflect on their practices and confront the fact that in its 40 years of business, never once had the company worked with a Black jewelry designer.

This discovery led to the creation of the grant program which will provide design mentorship, sampling development, and production opportunities in silver and gold jewelry to Black jewelry designers.

The $7,500 grant will go towards one grantee, who will be under the one on one mentorship of London-based jewelry designer Estelle Dévé.

“Through the Boma grant program, the grantee will have opportunities to test new designs in the market before expanding production, therefore minimizing the risk of manufacturing goods that go unsold.”

Those looking to apply for the grant can do so on the Boma website.

The ethical Thai-owned company was founded in Seattle in 1981 and continues to produce high quality yet affordable jewelry to last a lifetime. Today, Boma employs a team of 200 skilled silversmiths, artisans, production workers, and supervisors who create sustainable, high-quality fine jewelry for luxury brands internationally.

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