7 spots to get the best bingsu in and around Seattle

Feb 27 2020, 6:20 pm

Translated to shaved ice, bingsu is a tasty Korean dessert that’s a perfect treat no matter the weather.

The dessert is typically covered with sweet toppings that include chopped fruit, condensed milk, red beans, and other confectionary treats. When made with classic sweetened red beans, bingsu is referred to as patbingsu.

Here are seven of our favorite bingsu spots in and around Seattle.

Snowy Village


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You’re getting more than shaved ice at Snowy Village: you’re getting art. Expect perfectly rounded shaved ice topped with everything from fresh fruit to chocolate, ice cream, whipped cream, and more.

Location: 5264 The Ave, Seattle
Phone: 206-708-1111
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Lumi provides gorgeous bingsu in thirteen flavors. Choose from classics such as injeolmi: milk-snow topped with red bean paste, soybean powder, and injeolmi rice cakes, or go for one of their modernized takes with banana crumble, choco brownie, caramel apple, or milk tea.

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We’re going to be honest with you on this one. We’re not too sure if we qualify this as shaved ice, bingsu, or frozen yogurt. We do know, however, that it’s super tasty and can possibly be considered healthy, as the spot doesn’t use ice cream or condensed milk.

Location: 4730 University Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-327-9012

Milkie Milkie


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Enjoy out-of-this-world bingsu at Milkie Milkie in Edmonds. They overload their shaved ice with mounds of toppings and include flavors such as tiramisu, red velvet, and taro.

Location: 23830 Highway 99, Edmonds
Phone: 206-370-1772
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Beetle Cafe


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For reasonably priced bingsu, hit up Beetle Cafe. For only $5.50 you get to pick a flavor, ice cream, and two toppings.

Location: 4334 University Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-547-0977
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Cafe O’ Dessert


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Cafe O’ Dessert is less of a bingsu spot and more of a shaved ice destination. Pick a base of two or three flavors and choose from 16 different toppings.

Location: 4727 University Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-522-5266
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From Milk


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You’d never expect amazing bingsu to come out of a mall yet From Milk provides just that. Their “snow milk” is topped with various fruits, cookies, as well as one of their signature gelato popsicles. You can even get the bingsu served up in the shell of another fruit.

Location: 504 Southcenter Mall, Tukwila
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