9 amazing pizza spots to add to your Seattle bucket list

Feb 9 2021, 7:30 pm

Pizza can be a divisive issue. Thin crust or thick. Meat-loaded or vegetarian. Big giant slices you pick up by hand or tackling it with a knife and fork. Come on, you know it: YOUR pizza place is the best. Still, there may be pizza pies out there you havenā€™t tried in Seattle, or maybe you are a pizza tabula rasa and need a starting point.

Forgetting more of the big global chains in favor of some locally sourced efforts, here are 9 must-try pizza places in Seattle. Debate away.

Pi Vegan Pizzeria


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You may be wondering why we’re starting our pizza list with a vegan spot. Well, because vegan pizza isn’t just for those on a plant-based diet. There’s a simple reason that America’s Oldest Vegan Pizzeria is still around: they produce tasty, quality pies you must try.

Location: 5301 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle
Phone: 206-343-1415

Dino’s Tomato Pie


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This 21+ pizza bar is one of our favorites in the city solely because it thinks out of the box — literally. While the spot does sport some round pizzas, they’ve got the best square pies in town.

Location: 1524 East Olive Way, Seattle
Phone: 206-403-1742
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South Town Pie


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If you’re looking for a fun pizza joint for those that just can’t ever decide what to get, bring them to South Town and order them one of theĀ Unicorn Slices. The slice specials change daily and are always something unexpected yet tasty.

Location: 8611 14th Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-535-7166
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The Independent Pizzeria


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This is our go-to spot for thin-crust pizza. Although the portions aren’t the largest, we still give them props for imaginative combinations using perfectly fresh farm-to-table ingredients.

Location: 4235 East Madison, Seattle
Phone: 206-860-6110

Serious Pie


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We’re serious about our pizza pies, and we’re glad that Serious Pie is, too. Their pizzas are always cooked to perfection in their 600Ā° stone-encased applewood burning oven. We suggest eating the pizza fresh rather than ordering delivery.

Location:Ā 316 Virginia Street, Seattle
Phone:Ā 206-838-7388
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Humble Pie


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Honestly, Humble Pie has no reason to stay humble. Their Apple Bacon pie is unexpected and delicious, their Margherita is a classic, and all of the other pizzas keep the quality consistent using locally sourced ingredients.

Location: 525 Rainier Avenue South, Seattle
Phone: 206-329-5133
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We can’t have a “Best Pizza in Seattle” list without Supreme. The New York Style pizzeria serves up classic slices for under $5, with unique whole pizza offerings of all types. Try The Ono with fried chicken, kimchee, and American cheese, or opt for the Ric and Morty, a white pizza with mortadella, ricotta, fontina, and black pepper.

Location: 4521 California Avenue SW, Seattle

Windy City Pie


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Coming from Chicago and missing that deep dish? We got you. Well, Windy City’s got you. Enjoy the flavors of the midwest right here in Seattle with what’s undoubtedly the best deep dish the city has to offer.

Location: 5918 Pinney Avenue North, Seattle
Phone: 206-486-4743
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Pizzeria 22


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Although West Seattle is a bit of a pain to get out to, Pizzeria 22 makes the journey worth it. Unlike most pizzerias we’ve tried, there just seems to be no bad ‘za at this spot. Seriously, no matter what you order, you’ll leave happy.

Location: 4213 SW College Street, Seattle
Phone: 206-687-7701

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